Muttmover Light M

Article-ID: TB28818

£ 169

Incl VAT: (£ 33.80)
Barked for and drooled on by puppies (and some unfortunate felines) around
the world, our new and improved Muttmover Backpack is a must-have for any
small, self respecting pooch. Our original pooch pack was good, but this
Muttmover is much better. A new silhouette designed for greater stability
and pooch-in/pooch-out ease, the Muttmover Backpack's front panel zips
open to lay flat so Spike can easily step inside, and its printed
waterproof liner is easy to wipe down when you-know-who can't hold it.
Custom fit straps evenly distribute the weight of your pup and a ventilated
back panel keeps you cool. Finally, an on-strap bottle opener and stealth,
foldable water bowl, mean you no longer have to rely on the kindness of
strangers. Oww owww! Warning: Timbuk2 is not responsible for excessive
high-fiving or pooch petting that may result from use of this.