Duo Pack OS

Article-ID: TB23420

£ 259

Incl VAT: (£ 51.80)
A briefcase with backpack straps does not make it a backpack. The Duo is a
briefcase first and a backpack a way distant second. Its hidden backpack
straps untuck when you need them and disappear when you don't. So when
you stroll into a board meeting with this fresh take on a traditional
briefcase, no one in the room will know you were running down the street
with it on your back seven minutes ago. Refined menswear twill and leather
details are paired with chunky Vislon zippers for a tailored, contemporary
look you can dial up and down. And if you roll with a wheelie, simply
unzip the Duo's back pocket to find a clever luggage passthrough. Walk, run
, or roll, the Duo stays steady.